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You are hungry for seafood, but where should you go? Do you want to get all dressed up? Do you want to eat on the beach? There are some definite tips you can use to whittle down your choices so you get exactly what you want.

However, there are romantic ideas for busy couples. By romantic it doesn’t mean a bed of hundred roses or a bath with a dozen candles. They are the daily activities done in slightly different way that usually make our life less boring.

The reason we’re living in a lonely hearts world? Putting our lonely hearts ads online? We have separated ourselves from reality. We no longer find the time to disconnect and just interact in the community. It’s all now a long string of cyber connectivity, of mobile to mobile streams of texts. We are walking within the pages of a lonely hearts newspaper ads section because we forgot that there’s a community beyond the pixels of a computer, and the sound waves of our phones. When was the last time you simply went out to community events? Places KNOWN for attracting singles? I bet you don’t do it often.

We are all imperfect by nature so when you experience your partner’s imperfections it doesn’t mean the end is near! Look at it as a learning opportunity. That is, learn how to accept the imperfection which in turn will help the relationship grow. This helps build trust and faith between the two of you. It also demonstrates your understanding and compassion. Remember, in these types of situations you are speaking from a position of love.

The simplest Lady Gaga Halloween costume you can make from the Bad romance music video is the black costume. Get a long sleeved black turtleneck top, a pair of black panty hose or tights and a short black skirt. Then get a large piece of poster board and spray paint it black on both sides. Once the poster board has dried, cut it into a strip that’s about 12 inches wide. Then twist the poster board into a cylinder that’s just large enough to fit on your head, then trim off the excess length. Mark out some 2-inch wide spikes on the poster board with a pencil, then cut them out with scissors. Hot glue the seam of the Lady Gaga Bad fuck book crown together. Wear huge sunglasses, tall black high heels and a curly long blond wig to make your black Lady Gaga Bad Romance costume complete.

There is no me, I or you in this level of love. It is a rare relationship that reaches this level. Too many distractions, drawn down to lower realms by the ego, by the fear and search for God. This level of love is only for those ready to throw themselves into something sacred, and make their relationship the pinnacle of their spiritual and religious journey. Religious and guru worshiping people cannot reach this level of love in relationship.

For writers who just can’t envision any happy endings to their story consider this; while there may not be a happily ever after, there are times of rest and a sense of well-being where characters can enjoy a rest before their next adventure.

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