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When I ask my audiences their number one challenge with public speaking, they overwhelmingly say, “to overcome the fear of public speaking.” It’s okay to have “butterflies.” The key is how to get them organized, focused and flying in formation. Here are 10 tips for delivering a more powerful, persuasive presentation, and to improve public speaking skills.

Public speaking is no joke. There is a huge amount of pressure involved. A lot of those people are waiting for you to make a single mistake. Moreover, simply standing there makes you an obvious subject to ridicules and criticisms.

So how do we move upwards on the continuum to the point where we are less apprehensive about meeting and socializing with people, even to the point of enjoying it?

Barack, however, does not have a southern accent. Plus, he speaks well and has a sense of humor. This does not make him a great president necessarily, but if he should become the next president then we will not be embarrassed when he gives a speech.

However, when you combine a southern accent and someone who has poor presentaion skills then you have a disaster in the making. Still, it does give comedians something to talk about.

Writing your goals down is a good first step. Then you need to take action! The sooner you take action, the better. Maybe it’s enrolling in a class. Or signing up to attend the first networking event. Even if the action you take is small compared with all that needs to be done to achieve your goal, it will get you one step closer and psychologically make you feel more committed.

Next time you watch another (quality) public speaker, take a look at the process through the eyes of a student public speaker; you will learn a bunch.

The biggest mistake most people make when setting out to get public speaking training is incorrectly assuming that joining public speaking clubs and associations or taking a night class will give then the skills to get the results they want. You need to be 100% clear about what results you’re hoping to get via public speaking. With that clarity, then you’ll need to look for professional public speaking trainings that can help you to reach those specific goals. Ask lots of questions so you can evaluate which public speaking training will actually be able to deliver the skills and abilities so you can reach your goals.

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