Paranormal Activity And The Skeptics Dilema

Chester County, Pennsylvania — Chester County Living, a newspaper (part of the Daily News) in southeast Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia, has reported some unexplained events – even ghostly – as Halloween approaches. But that’s not the half of it! Delving into some of the investigations of the area’s premier ghost investigative group, the Chester County Paranormal Research Society, this very “with it” publication did a fine job of making the bumps in the night go bump in the night. Now, we all know that Halloween is a great time for ghostly adventures, but what most people don’t know is that a good ghost team will tackle those ghosty guys all year long.

Our second day at the wood carver’s building dawned, and Bob went home for a bit. The rest of us sat in a room on the second floor chatting about the events of the previous day. A couple of people decided to go outside to smoke, but when they tried to open the door to the first floor at the bottom of the stairwell, they found it to be latched from the opposite side. We called Bob, asking if he had locked the door, and he claimed that he hadn’t. Bob came back, and when he went to open the door, it was not latched.

Several of us tried to take photographs on the third floor but when we went to snap the shots we found our cameras were dead. Our cell phone batterys also drained quickly in the building.

It doesn’t work like that. The field of plague pits of london online has enough strikes against it as it is. It is already dismissed as pseudo science. In certain circles it is considered “geeky.” And with words like “ectoplasm” and “proton packs” in the public zeitgeist, being taken seriously can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. The last thing we need are groups fighting amongst themselves and with each other. A community, divided against itself, will assuredly struggle to stand.

We are only humans and people who are true paranormal investigators will tell you that they know that everything in the Paranormal blog online field is theoretical and experimental. Do spikes in EMF mean ghosts? Do ghosts give off energy or EMF? What are ghosts? Do they exist? Are the such things as cold spots… That’s why we are investigators/researchers for we investigate this phenomena in order to get evidence or lack thereof. We are people who believe in the possibility of the existence.. How many paranormal investigators do you know that are 100% in their belief that ghosts don’t exist? If that was the case nobody would waste time and so much money on the research.

Christie Chaidez, We get a lot of questions regarding our group name and logo. We were sitting around one day after discussing many aspects, how to afford equipment, how to locate potential members, where to investigate, and we decided the next step had to be deciding on a name before we went any further. But we were both tired at the time and decidedly crabby, and our brainstorming wasn’t going well. I made some comment about waiting until the next day because 2 cranky women who were both suffering from PMS weren’t going to be able to decide anything. We looked at each other and the light bulb went off so to speak. Since we knew we wanted the group to consist of moms like ourselves who were interested in paranormal study, it wasn’t hard to then come up with the Paranormal Moms Society (P.M.S.).

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