Nlp – 3 Beliefs Of Excellence That Will Dramatically Enhance The Quality Of Your Life

One of my most prominent mentors in life, Michael Roads, says: “there is nothing outside of Self”. With this he means more than I can write in this ezine. The gist of it is that we create and allow everything that happens in our lives, good or bad. We either actively create the situation, or we allow it to happen to us, without doing something about it.

Tell them the reason why. You have more chance to change a child’s behavior by explaining to them the reason why than by asking them firmly to change the behavior. Teaching the reason why is teaching a principle behind the behavior. Teaching principles and values have more effect in changing the behavior than by talking about behavior alone. That’s the value-behavior relationship of the 6 logical levels, one of the many great NLP Practitioner Certification Course techniques.

Motivation is not about external incentives, rewards, inducements or threats. My definition of motivation is “an emotion or desire that operates on the “will to do” and causes it to take action”. To be long lasting, motivation MUST come from inside you. Seneca said, “Most powerful is he that has himself in his own power”. The “will to do” is the greatest power in the world tied to human accomplishment. And no one can predict its limits.

Method 1: Give a challenge; a point to focus. Without orientation, nothing works right, not even team motivation. There has to be a short term goal with regards to team motivation. An assimilation of short term goals give rise to a cumulative set up of aim. Without these small goals, you would never be able to see the full picture, leave alone realizing it. These day to day goals keep the focus intact and drive team motivation. There has to be a challenge which the team seeks and turns to team motivation to overcome the same. It is then that the effort of the collective and also individual targets comes into the picture and ensures a high level of motivation.

Listen to your prospective clients carefully. Let them tell you what they want, instead of trying to convince them that they want what you are offering. This way, you can tailor your marketing efforts to their specific needs, and you’re more likely to turn a potential contact into a member of your network.

The physical addiction to nicotine actually passes with a week or so when you cease smoking. But the psychological addiction that manifests itself as cravings to smoke can go on for a long time after you actually quit. It is why some people never become comfortable as non-smokers and why most people fail at quitting smoking.

In light of this, have you ever realized that the current so-called “global financial crisis” is purely man-made, and therefore can also be man-unmade? Outside of us, human beings, there is no crisis going on. The sun still rises and sets, the birds are still chirping, we still drive cars, we still buy stuff, we still live somewhere, etc.

You don’t get the results right away, but as long as you can apply subliminal messages and NLP in your life properly, you really don’t have to wait too long.

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