Little Known Facts About Red Diamonds

Diamonds that are colorless are more valued than those that have color. In fact, diamonds that are colored are considered to be more flawed than their clearer cousins. To rate the level of a diamonds color, retailers and diamond experts use a scale that begins with the letter D, and progresses alphabetically. Why not start with the letter A? It seems that when diamonds were first being graded on their colorlessness, people wanted to leave room for the possibility of a simply flawless, perfect diamond. So the best diamond known at that point was given the letter D, with A, B, and C being left in reserve for a possible marvel that might be discovered. No A, B, or C diamonds have ever been found.

It is a fact that most shoppers look for ‘white’ Diamonds. These white diamonds are actually colorless diamonds, and the bigger the stone is, the harder it gets to find a flawless white diamond. And frankly, you don’t really have to get a colorless diamond because there are many colorful diamonds that look just as spectacular. There are many considerations that are important in making a final choice, like color enhancement. Another such consideration is fluorescence. This feature makes the diamond display different colors in different lights. Instead of settling for colorless 結婚對戒, try looking at some tinted diamonds as well.

Diamonds and pearls are also priced very differently. The cost of a diamond is based on the Three C’s: cut, color and carat. For the most part, a colored diamond, hued because of imperfections within the stone, is rarer and therefore more valuable than a clear diamonds are the most common. Truly pure, clear diamonds without a trace of color, however, are extremely rare as well. The cost of pearls, on the other hand, is based on rarity and luster; perfectly round pearls are less common than, say, teardrop or baroque pearls.

Because of the beauty and value that diamonds possess, some traders have found ways on how to clone the most precious gems. Sometimes fake diamonds are lurking in the market that may victimize any unwary buyers. For those who are looking for diamonds to buy, please pay attention to the short guide that follows this article to prevent any bogus diamonds from being bought in the market.

Yellow Diamonds – This colored yellow stone, which is also known as the Canary diamond, is quite fashionable in many places of the world. The color’s quality makes it highly valuable. Of course, yellow diamonds are very common, which makes them affordable compared to the other colors of diamonds.

The following three tips would not be so technical for the ordinary people to know how to spot real diamond from the bogus one. Sometimes even the well-trained professional is tricked by con artists into buying fake diamonds. Those products look almost exactly as the genuine diamonds because they are also gems or stones with some similarities to the real ones. Those fake diamonds may actually be synthetic gems, crystals or cubic zirconia.

You won’t only find decently priced diamonds at auctions, but online and in stores there are many reputable sellers who will give you a good, guaranteed deal. Take your time looking for that perfectly priced diamond. Patience and research will afford you a good deal.

There is currently over 35 diamond mines in operation today, each constantly in motion while trying to find the illusive gems. Diamonds will always be in high demand, and the supply will most likely never increase to the point where prices are significantly lowered.

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