Enhance Your Home With A New Fence

Chain wire fencing has been used for a long time for business and domestic purposes. Based on cloth weaving machines it was first developed in the 1840s. Throughout time it has been developed into better and stronger fencing. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that a US based company started using machinery to manufacture chain wire fencing. It is now manufactured in various colours and sizes, as well as being available in different qualities.

You can also opt for an industrial iron type of fence and request a custom-made look to match the property style. Another attractive fence is a traditional wood fence. These come in many styles and designs, and give your property a warm and traditional appeal. Materials range from pine to spruce or cedar. You can enhance your wood fence with many custom made designs.

The fence posts are appropriately spaced and perfectly vertical. Four nails are equally distributed on the fence boards to allow for shrinking and expanding. The boards are evenly spaced and level across the top and bottom.

Payment plans – Most colorbond fencing require an advance payment. This can range from 30% to even 60 % of the total cost. This is a common practice and there is nothing to worry about. However as a customer you should be well aware of the total building cost and how your money is spent. Getting the finances right can save you from a lot of headaches later.

Then the fun began as the contractors started to disrupt our lives. And the one question that kept going through my mind throughout the entire ordeal was this: how do these guys manage to stay in business since they apparently don’t give much thought to the usual rules of business, ignoring little things like scheduling, punctuality, employee management, licensing, quality of work, etc.

Size and length. Taking measurements, even when you are planning garden beds is extremely important. A few centimetres here or there may have a disastrous effect, especially if you come up short. Let’s say that you are making an L-shaped retainer wall, understanding the true length at the corner, and the material length needed is extremely important. Take your time and make sure you have thought out your construction and work process thoroughly. It is all to easy to make silly mistakes that cost you an arm and a leg down the line.

Fencing contractors should have sufficient liability insurance in order to cover damages related to the job. As a customer, you would feel more at ease working with you so that for instance, if the contractor made a mistake on the job and it is a cost to you or if he damaged something on your property, you can make claims to protect your interests. In addition, a contractor with a license will be taken more seriously than one who doesn’t.

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