Dirty Jigs Finesse Swim Jig Bass Fishing Lure Review

Wearing only a green loincloth, a barefooted indian approached me. Lean and muscular, his straight black hair hung down past his ears in a “page boy” style cut typical of “Cholos” or straight-haired people. His flat, broad feet were caked with sand. A two and a half foot long machete was slung across his back by a braided vine thong. A small drawstring pouch hung by its cords under one arm. We looked at each other. Glancing down at the scattering of wood shavings around my feet, the Embera finally broke the silence.

To attract bass fish, you can do one more thing and that is the network as fish bait as you can and dispersion in water. To do this, what you can do is grab a soda bottle and cut the bottom. Fill the bottle with fish bait and adventure around a dozen of them in the water. The bass is plenty of choice and to ensure that they capture, cast the bait into the water center is where you should have dispersed the fish bait. Among the best fishing lures, the best are staff of red-tailed hawk mirrolures.

Spinnerbaits are excellent shallow water lures, particularly in the spring when fish are shallow due to the warmer water. Spinner baits are also very good at covering large amounts of water fast as you look for those active feeding bass. So I often like to hit shallow water areas up with a 1-2 punch technique. First fish an area with a quick covering spinnerbait looking for those active lunkers then follow up with a shallow running plug. By using the 1-2 punch you can cover a lot of water, and be sure you covered it effectively before moving on to the next spot.

This is probably the widest category of bass custom hard swimbaits anywhere. These can be made to look like worms, lizards, snakes or even small bait fish. The vast color selection is unbelievable. Soft plastics can be bought Texas rigged (with hooks already in them) or plain (no hooks).

Crank-baits really are time tested bass catching lures. Large or small, these cranks can catch all of them. Their precision and physical appearance is constantly being updated but even the classic older versions will deliver you plenty of fish. Tournament anglers will often be seen running cranks to locate fish on large flats or over deep water structure.

Tuna fishing with daisy chains and spread bars rigs is a lot of fun. Watching tuna darting up to surface and hitting the baits is an amazing experience.

Though trout can be caught all day (and all night), early morning and late evening is generally the most productive. Fish for trout in areas that are sunny when it is cold and hit the shade when it is warm.

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