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Similarly, apology can have two different meanings. The more common meaning is the idea of showing regret or sorrow for something. This is what some people think about Christian apologetics. It is as though Christians are in a weak position of having to say ‘sorry’ all the time. Or that they regret being Christians, not sure if what they believe is worth defending.

Coming up soon, November 2-9, 2008, famous saxophonist Dave Koz kicks off his annual Smooth Jazz cruise with a 7-day voyage through the Caribbean. (Take note some of the originally scheduled ports-of-call have changed due to recent hurricane damage.) It’s called Dave Koz and Friends at Sea and there are still a few cabins available on Holland America’s Westerdam. I enjoyed listening to the popular musician when he previously co-hosted the morning show on KTWV Radio in Christian apologetics Los Angeles with the delightful Pat Prescott.

Through the Years by Kenny Rogers is another country favorite. It’s more of a love song for a man and wife, but not inappropriate for the father daughter dance.

For those interested in the spiritual side of Christmas, who desire to celebrate the birth and death of God’s Son to give eternal life to believers, one can celebrate Christmas 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Creation Museum in nearby Petersburg, Kentucky or at a variety of Cincinnati area churches.

There will come into play a so called unity of faiths and many greg bahnsen apologetics denominations will comply to maintain tax exempt status with their governments. People will be of the opinion that there are many ways to God and that we all serve one God and religions will begin to merge to a one world religion.

Bottom line, our nation is loosing Biblical authority. Ham argued that we’re headed in the same direction as Europe and the UK. And when man’s ideas seep into our churches, we are unprepared. Many church leaders respond with a “do not worry, just trust in Jesus” type of remark. Ham questions, “If you can’t trust one part of the book, how can you trust the rest?” And the unspoken answer in America is, many don’t. Many write-off Genesis and the creation account. And then some even proceed to disregard the Gospels and the rest of the Bible.

These are just seven things that are due to happen in the world that you can watch out for. We are in the last days and the signs of the times are everywhere.

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