Always Have Access To Your Credit Report, Improve Score And Get More Buying Power

Your Fico Score, a.k.a. Credit Score, is important and there are many simple ways to improve it. We’ll cover those in a minute but first, what is a good credit score? Do you know what your credit score is? Why does the finance company look at your personal credit but they tell you the financing will be in the business name? These are some common questions that business owners ask when it comes to understanding their Fico Scores.

Additionally, a good rating can help you get the things you want for your family. You simply cannot buy a home without a solid financial standing. If your rating is low, you will be stuck in an apartment. Your apartment options might be limited as well, because many rental companies check the score of their potential tenants. If your score is too low, your rental application might be rejected. With a bad credit score you will have to search harder and longer for a place to live and you might end up in an apartment that you Primary Tradelines do not like.

By the way just where do I get these numbers? Heck, I make em up! Seriously though, I sample 10-15 of the top Wholesale Lenders to arrive at my rate quotes.

As a quick re-cap, ways of improving credit score – try to have about 5 to 7 open tradelines with history constantly working your credit. Do not charge more than 50% of your limits. Try to increase your limits when you can, but do not apply for a lot of credit on a constant basis. Oh and just in case the obvious was missed, pay these bills on time! You never want to pay a bill 30 days or more beyond it’s due date because that is when it is going to show up as a negative mark on your credit report.

The other part to this equation is how to make purchasing a trade line legal to add. The bottom line is that you cannot purchase the trade line, but you can purchase the debt and have that show on your report as a legal trade line that you own. This could be a complex way to add trade lines to your credit, but like everything else, there are companies out there that have made this process simple and easy.

Wipe out your debt. The creditors look at the total debt and how they relate to your earnings. You will be seen as a greater credit risk if your debt is too high in comparison with your income. You are not likely to be able to pay off the debt in full right away, so you should make a plan to repay in a timely fashion and follow that schedule.

The best thing you can do to improve your credit score is to pay your bills on time. By doing this, you will make a positive credit report and will therefore result in higher scores for credit. Remember that it is you who will determine if you have good credit or not. By paying your obligations on time, you will be able to improve your credit score.

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