9 Ways Facebook Destroyed My Garmin Update Without Me Noticing

Exactly how do you locate your way around nowadays? If you are like a lot of us, you possible own among those pocket sized GPS receivers that reveal you a map of where you are as well as exactly how to reach where you want to most likely to. Great deals of business make these, yet Garmin was one of the very first and also still holds a big portion of this market. Exactly how are their product supervisors doing this?

Why Selling Instructions Is Tough To Do

If you haven’t seen one of these GPS units, after that what rock have you been living under? You might not have the ability to make a call on them, but they are basically the coolest thing considering that the mobile phone. I possess the Nuvi 200 system and also I like it so much that when I travel for organisation I take it along as well as use it in the rental vehicle.

Now you do require to really feel some compassion for the Garmin product supervisors. Nowhere on their item manager task description did it ever before state that their job was to create the best product. Actually, nobody would certainly intend to do that since after that every customer would be an one-time purchaser. “Many thanks for the item, I’ll see you, like, never ever”.

Selling GENERAL PRACTITIONER map units requires a little bit of tactical monitoring for the Garmin item managers. I make certain that it had not been long after they introduced these items that a minimum of one Garmin account manager and also company advancement supervisor stopped by the item supervisor’s workplace as well as grumbled that there was no way to get repeat service.

It ends up that they were incorrect. For you see, maps are frequently altering. Perhaps not a lot, yet new roadways are constantly being built and also old roadways are going away. This suggests that the map database in that little US$ 200 GPS navigating unit may have been appropriate when you acquired it, yet over time it’s going to obtain out of wack with the real world.

This is when the Garmin item manager had an excellent concept: why not sell map data source updates to their existing consumers. This is the kind of breakthrough suggestion that can go onto an item supervisor resume. This is precisely what Garmin (and all of the various other GPS manufactures) does today.

Exactly how To Put A Price On Accurate Directions

If you desire your consumers ahead back to you and purchase upgrades to the items that they currently have, the method is to get your prices right. This indicates that your cost for the “refresh” needs to be not expensive and also not too reduced.

When it comes to Garmin, right here’s just how they do it. The real Garmin GPS unit costs regarding US$ 200. They’ve priced a single map upgrade at US$ 48 and also a life time upgrade for a single device at US$ 120. Can you see what they are doing here?

If you are getting ready to go on a trip and also you remember that you bought your GPS unit over a year ago, you might be believing that those maps could not be exact anymore. That US$ 48 update cost is most likely precisely the boundary of being practical: if it was any more you could also go get a brand-new GPS receiver, at that rate you’ll most likely just buy the map upgrade.

I would think that extremely few people purchase the US$ 120 lifetime choice – yet the item supervisors need to offer it simply to capture minority individuals who will certainly desire it. This prices is a fragile thing: get it best and also you’ll have a wonderful income stream, get it wrong and also your competitors will certainly have your consumers.

What The Future Holds For Garmin’s Product Managers

The world is transforming and the Garmin product managers require to readjust with it. Those cell phones are obtaining smarter and also are coming with extra sophisticated mapping tools. Garmin needs to adjust to this transforming globe.

It’s once again time for some calculated administration. A stand-along navigating tool probably will not last for long. Producing a Garmin application that works on the popular cellular phone might do the job. Conversely, developing the ability to run applications on the Garmin gadget would certainly enable the GPS receiver to become more of an enhanced neighborhood search tool – something that customers would possibly want and also agree to pay for.

What All Of This Suggests For You

As product managers we need to put in the time to gain from various other item managers to ensure that we’ll understand exactly how to handle the obstacles that our items will eventually run into.

The Garmin product supervisors have actually produced a wonderful item with one problem: consumers don’t have to acquire another one. They have actually solved this trouble by providing their existing customers map data source updates. The trick to doing this successfully is to get your rates right: not too much, not too little.

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