4 Tips To Deal With Information Overload If You Make A Living Working Online

Sometimes the news hits home so much so that it brings back horrendous memories for some, even the cool, calm, and collected newscasters. This happened to Megan Kelly today with her flash backs about “DEBBIE”.

It is also clear that many parents are living vicariously through their children and they are overly identified with their kids. It is also apparent that moms, dads and coaches need to communicate with kids about sports in a supportive and positive manner. Since I counsel athletes, coaches and parents, I see these problems in my office all the time.

When I was twelve years old I lost my twenty two year old brother to murder. His wife would rather see him dead than let him divorce her so that’s what she did. He was my big brother and I loved him so much. I never got a real chance to get to know him like I should have because I was so young. I remember the last words he said to me the night it happened. He had ordered pizza and right before and as he walked out the door to go to the bar he said I could have some school of english his pizza. I ate some of it that night and when we found out the next day he was dead I felt guilty for eating my brothers pizza. I know it might sounds silly but that’s just the way I felt.

And what would appear before my wondering ass when I sit on the couch but a transformer my son left there last night – can you say ouch? Those things are pointy. So that prompted me to pick it up and take it to my son’s room – where I found all his clothes he’d pulled out of his dresser this morning on the floor. That prompted me to pick up his room.

I would like to say one more creative idea which we have seen; it was at a recent bike-a-thon our local senior high school had to raise money for a sick classmate. They bought customized water bottle koozies (this way bikers could position their bottles in their rack). They used the english in london colours, coupled with the name of the fundraiser, the date and the classmates name on it. On the back was simply “thank you”. Anyone that was in the bike-a-thon acquired one for free, however, hundreds were sold at the concession stands to raise much more money.

Over time we experimented with various team sizes as my Organization grew to about 400 kids at 5 different fields. Some years we had groups that were too big for one team but not quite big enough to divide into 2 teams.

There are endless legitimate businesses and services available at our fingertips on the Internet, everything you could ever need if you know the right places to look. It’s convenient, fast, and many times even economical. But there are also a lot of people out there from all over the world watching and waiting for a chance to take advantage of anyone whose desires and hopes might temporarily blind them to the little clues that a scam is under way. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that received an email from Bally that day. Follow the basic rules above and you should be able to recognize and stop a scam before any harm is done. It is also strongly advisable to report any attempted scams to the appropriate authorities.

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