4 Public Speaking Tips To Help You Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Thus if you already know how to speak well in public you well have an immediate advantage over other people in your work environment. You need to be able to deliver a good presentation.

In public speaking much of your communications occurs through movement and gesture. However, in a teleseminar your audience can’t see the movements or gestures. They can on the other hand, hear their effect on you. So you need to adapt your movements and gestures. Where a gesture was use to communicate an emotion you may still want to make that gesture to help the emotion show in your voice. But you will probably need to communicate that emotion using other less visual means as well.

There are a lot of training courses and books on the subject you could go on and read, but ultimately, it is practise that will make you a better speaker.

OSpeaking to persuade, promote, or sell: you might want to persuade people to join your cause, sign a petition, or donate to charity. Or you might be persuading them to make an appointment with you, or buy what you’re selling, do business with you. In that case you’ll need to carefully evaluate whether the training you’re considering will actually meet that goal. There are many reputable companies that offer public speaking training. If my trainings don’t fit your needs, I can likely refer you to a company that will.

With his excellent presentation skill classes President Obama connects with millions of people. It may be a good idea to consider learning from him on how to influence our audiences. No doubt Obama is a master in inspiring his audience’s, which is the number one goal of any public speaker.

Would you say, “you’re an idiot, no one will listen to you” or “wow, you’re going to fail”? No, of course not! You would be supportive and encouraging – and help them build their self-confidence through practice, feedback and positive speaking experiences. If you would never dare say these negative words to a child or friend, then why are you saying them to yourself? Why not treat yourself with the same care and gentleness that you use with others?

This is a development with the point above. Recovering from blunders makes you seem far more human. Say not constantly what you know, but usually know what you say.

The biggest mistake most people make when setting out to get public speaking training is incorrectly assuming that joining public speaking clubs and associations or taking a night class will give then the skills to get the results they want. You need to be 100% clear about what results you’re hoping to get via public speaking. With that clarity, then you’ll need to look for professional public speaking trainings that can help you to reach those specific goals. Ask lots of questions so you can evaluate which public speaking training will actually be able to deliver the skills and abilities so you can reach your goals.

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