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Proper recognition occurred during a White House ceremony Sept. 21 when Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor after saving three of his men in a battle that failed to make headlines at the time due to its then-highly classified nature.

At daylight, three members of the team still survived on the ledge. An Air America helicopter spotted them and hovered, lowering a sling. Etchberger broke cover, exposing himself to the enemy, and closed the gap between himself and his wounded colleagues.

Lots of men find model tanks it difficult to understand why women find receiving actual letters exciting I’ll just email you Tom tells Jill. For Jill, that’s just not enough. You can’t stuff an email under your pillow and hear it crinkle as you fall asleep. You can’t smell him on it and imagine him writing it.

Hurricane Katrina revealed W’s racism. Everyone knows how quick and effective the federal government is at disaster relief. W managed to delay the response so that more African-Americans could die. I’m sure that as Haiti is cleaned up the truth will come out about his reach into that tiny island.

Production of small electronic devices powered by the sun began in the early ’70s. Today’s solar panels are able to supply the entire United States. In order to “recruit” the sun to produce about 4000 to the billions of kWh needed, it would be necessary to install solar panels with an area of 32 000 sq km, which is equal to the area of Military Miniatures training ground in Nevada.

There’s two things that jump out of this statement, both very revealing and hopefully enough people will see how dangerously hypocritical this woman is.

The last part of what has changed in the motorcycle world is that you see more of them outside therapist offices because the bike is a treatment, but not the cure.

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