Twitter – From Ho-Hum Boring To Exciting And Addicting!

I am sure you have heard about the value of “networking.” I am sharing some tips with you so that you will know what networking really means and why it is so valuable to your business and yourself personally.

These posts, otherwise known as ‘tweets’, are happening right now, at this very moment. If you see an interesting conversation, link or person, you can follow the people tweeting and join in on the conversation if you want. By searching the term ‘Prius’, I just found two people I would like to follow: ‘Best Hybrid Cars’ and ‘All About Prius’. This is also a great way to find what is being said about real-time news, politics, and celebrity gossip.

twitter handle. Be sure that the change twitter handle you choose is both memorable, it serves you well and is as short as possible. Keep in mind that people connect with people which means ideally we like to see Twitter handles in the name of the person. Often that becomes a challenge because your name may already be taken, it’s too long or you’d prefer to use your company name which we’ll address in a moment. While we don’t recommend using all caps for sure, we do recommend using initial caps where it makes obvious sense. For example, @guykawasaki can be (and is) @GuyKawasaki.

There are some terminologies that are commonly used on Twitter but which some people, especially new tweeters, are not quite familiar with. Understanding these terminologies (vocabulary) will make tweeting a more pleasant experience; and they are very easy to learn.

(2) Complete your profile – this is a no-brainer and I have no idea why people don’t do this as it takes very little time. And, while you’re at it, add a photograph.

If you’re online and have a social media presence, chances are you see a lot of job postings. Even if you do the bare minimum, such as subscribing to your alumni email list, I bet you see at least one of two job postings each week. Rather than hit delete next time one of these opportunities pops up in your inbox, take a good, hard look at the posting. Run through your mental list of contacts, and think about whom that job might be a good fit for. Then take the time to forward it to that contact with change twitter handle a personal note.

Remember, when using social media, the information you share and your interactions should not be all about you. Avoid blatant broadcasting and promotion of your products and services to your followers.

Constantly locate your very own path with all the social media niche. You will probably have plenty of competition and it really is your uniqueness that can bring inside the traffic. In case you follow the help and advice given in this article and have a great item to offer, that you are bound for good results. Social media is a great way to connect your business using the people across the world.

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