Stay At Home Mom And Work From Home

Being a stay at home dad is not an easy thing. It tends to cause a lot of problems in relationships, not to mention boring a man to death if the kids are not home all day. A dad needs to keep doing something other than playing video games all day. And then they were given knowledge to solve this problem. Along came the idea of work at home dads.

Schedule time specifically for your kids or husband. It will make it easier to get your work done if you put this on a day timer where every one can see it.

Clothes – Depends a bit on your habits and what you had to wear to work. But if you had to have a professional wardrobe, you’re likely to save a nice bit, especially if you had a lot of clothes to take to the dry cleaners.

If you’re not careful #vacation_mode all day can eventually tighten your world into a little protected bubble. Stay connected to what’s going on outside of your house and don’t let the world leave you behind!

Children are another distraction even when you’re feeling motivated. It takes time to teach them to let you work, and very young ones won’t understand at all. Many work at home parents do use daycare or have a family member or friend take the kids so they can get work done. Have realistic expectations for your family.

If you have a dream job you’d like to get into when the kids are old enough, at what point should you start taking classes to help you in that direction? Are classes available online that you could take while watching your kids?

Less Alone Time- Just because a lot of stay at home moms become lonely, doesn’t mean they are alone. Moms of younger children may find it difficult to use the bathroom without an audience.

There are so many things that decide whether the mom should stay at home with kids or be a working mom, such as spousal support, financial situation, availability of work, personal choice, age of the kids etc. sometime it is really a tough job to be a mom. In the end, we can conclude that no matter whether a mom is working or stay at home mom, she should be given great respect and a big applause in the society then anyone else for all the work and sacrifices that she does for her kids.

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