Spiritual Growth Through Meditation – 4 Simple Steps To Spiritual Growth

Catholic meditation is not a regular prayer. While a prayer is commonly said out loud to bring your mind, soul, and spirit to God, the meditation uses the “inside voice”, your imagination, the thoughts inside your mind. This type of meditation is very different from other, more conventional techniques.

The technique or TM for short is easy to follow. People of all religions, cultures and ages can do this. You can practice it for twenty minutes two times a day. Basically, with this method, you will be sitting in a comfortable spot with your eyes closed. This is the most effective method of self-development and currently, over five million people throughout the world are using the TM technique.

Japa beads, consist of 108 wouldn’t be tied together on a necklace. Holding the japa beads in one hand you say the mantra, for every bead, on the necklace. Hindus hold that 108 is a magical number or what have you, personally, I believe it is a great way to time your zen Baltimore without using the clock. Keeping your hands occupied while chanting a mantra can also help you focus more on your meditation. This will help deepen your meditation practice.

Having a successful meditation can REALLY help you achieve MASSIVE abundance in all areas of your life, so ensure that you allow yourself to be comfortable doing it. I have found that being comfortable gives me a much better chance of relaxing and focusing on my meditation.

The traditional church is a great place to socialize and fellowship with people. This is a part of life. You can grow and learn here through the experiences it offers. But at some point you have to follow Jesus and have a wilderness experience. You must be alone, in silence, withdrawn from this world, or the “out there,” which represents everything outside of us. In other words, you must practice meditation. Following Jesus is not about proclaiming a new set of beliefs. That’s just religion. Following Christ is about laying down your ego to experience union with God. Another expression for this would be laying down your will for His. Because let’s face it! When you remove YOU from the picture, you’ll soon realize that God is what’s left.

Chakra Meditation is a technique that is a bit more difficult that the others we have listed. This form of meditation can take you into deep levels of consciousness. It mostly deals with the realization of mind control.

Whichever you choose. Keep in mind that the practice does not involve actually falling asleep. You are trying to remain alert and keep your focus and attention. If you are sleeping, you are doing neither (and you might fall over, unless you’re lying down). You can’t keep your eyes completely open, usually, because of dust and whatnot, and our eyes naturally get dry. You will need to blink, at the very least. You may wish to keep your eyes closed, because it helps to focus on what’s happening inside your body.

This modification of the walking meditation technique comes in handy in places like airports and shopping malls where throngs of people surround you. It can instantly blow the stresses away, as you unwind with each breath and each step you take.

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