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Finding workers to cover shifts when you begin to secure contracts can be daunting if you have not begun a recruiting campaign. Even if you have begun a recruiting campaign it seems that it can be touch to find that perfect candidate to send to a new or existing contract.

Following are minimums that I think web writers should accept for assignments. My hope is that a standard will begin to be developed for this field (and all freelance writing).

While I recognize that we live in a free market society, as professionals, I think we should at least have MINIMUM guidelines in place to begin to raise the pay standard across the board.

Now that you know what not to have as a voice mail lets go over what you should record. Keep your messages brief, and polite. Also make sure that your name, first is sufficient is in the message. A great example would be, “Hi, this is Todd sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message and I will give you a call soon. “Make sure that you speak clearly and smile when you record it. You might think that this is silly but people can tell that you are smiling on the phone and will absorb some of your good cheer. Cheerful people are more likely to hire you. Make sure that you record your message in a quiet space and speak clearly, but do not speak too loud. You want to be audible but not so loud that you blow the callers ear drums out.

Anyway – this company was started about 5 years ago in Houston by Christi Hollis O’Farrell. She saw the need for a veterinary specific Staffing Agency Portland and made it happen. I was looking for a position in a veterinary clinic in Austin so I could move and be closer to my daughter and grandkids. I called Christi about any openings that she knew of in Austin and she offered me a wonderful opportunity to expand VSS into the Austin area. So, we’ve been here full-time since September of 2010.

Their mission statement says it is their goal to enthusiastically provide excellent service to all of the people they serve and they do, they were very pleasant, very professional. Of course we all know our economy is tough right now, so if you are someone that is looking for a job, or if you are an employer and you need workers, this is the place to look.

Well for now I am going to be joining up with an local staffing agency who has gotten some friends of mine pretty good jobs in the past. Hopefully that will bring about a permanent job quickly, and if not at least some part-time jobs. I cannot stay at home not working for more than two weeks, that’s for sure. The money needs to start coming in again, so my plans are to make that happen as soon as possible. Who knows maybe this will be a good thing and some of the people who were laid off, like myself, will find better jobs than the one’s we had.

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