How To Start Using Social Media

There is no doubt most marketers want to grow their connections quickly and with minimum hassle. Not many achieve this. In fact, the average LinkedIn user has less than 100 connections. Besides that most people’s connections numbers remain stagnate. So, what can be done to enlarge your sphere of influence?

Increase your connections by importing contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. In addition, connect with people you meet in conferences, seminars meetings or other social gatherings.

Social presence is also a must nowadays so go ahead and create Twitter, Facebook, Buy LinkedIn Accounts Online. Customize your profiles and make them look good. Twitter and Facebook require no further presentation but you should know that LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals so it might be a good place for you to make contacts in your niche.

How you describe yourself either repulses people or gets them attracted to you. Your current position tells people a lot about yourself. In addition, your number of connections will tell people about your ‘influence’.

Use the LinkedIn Share button that you can access from their website. It is easy to customise, adding your URL of your website and then deciding which of the three buttons you want to use. Using this tool not only you but visitors to your site can share your content to their network. You generate the code and then can add it to your site.

Slideshare: has expanded to not just power point decks but now includes video and other documents. This is a great way to show off some of that industry specific knowledge that no one knows you have.

The profile picture: To amaze all of us, most of the fake accounts have pictures in their profiles. And they are merely collected from dating sites and other image sources. So, relate the image to the address or the age provided by the user. Believe me, it will tell you a lot.

Now, the biggest question is if this is legitimate. Perhaps, the solid proof that this site is legit is its large number of members. More and more people are getting hooked to tag trading as days pass by. If you want to increase your monthly income by connecting to your friends and sharing interesting photos and videos, TagVillage is the place to be.

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