How To Make A Home Made Solar Panel

Solar electricity is a reality, believe it or not. It’s possible to slash your electricity costs by up to 80% and in some cases to negate them completely.

For reducing the value of electrical bills received from the local electrical energy provider it is important to build more arrays. With every new installation of an array, the power meter will be less active. In this way, the bills will have a lower value. The people who apply this method will end having an ecological power system that is also independent.

Tweaking for best performance means adjusting the angle at which the home instalacion fotovoltaica conectada a red stay. And this is a very discussible question. When in January in Greece the ideal angle is 40 degrees from vertical, then in Seattle in January it is 26 degrees and in Miami – 48 degrees. It is a big bonus if you can add a tracking system to follow the sun across the sky at any angle imaginable.

If so, our laptop power must have a capacity of 310 Wh. Since in our system we have 12 V voltage, battery capacity, measured in ampere-hours will be less than 26 Ah. It will be important when choosing a battery because self-consumption that is given in Ah of capacity. All batteries have a certain electrical energy storage efficiency. Assume that this installed in our car has an efficiency of 70%. So in order to recharge the battery 310 Wh of energy, you need to deliver 70% energy.

I know it seems like a daunting job, but it is not. No rocket science physics involved here. Just follow a few easy instructions and you will get your own solar panel in a few hours, right in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

The average time for a homeowner to get the money back on their investment is anywhere from 12 years to 20 years. For this industry to take off that figure I believe will have to go down to around 5 to 7. Not that far really. It could actually go below that.

What is the person like? Perhaps this is the most important factor. Get a feel for if you trust them or not – go with your gut. Assurance is worth paying a bit extra for.

People can act now, and many already are by buying and installing these solar panels. With the war on terror looking like it could last decades many look upon this investment as not only a clean green solution and a smart investment on increasing the value of their home, but as almost a patriotic gesture in a way to free us from the dependence on middle eastern oil and natural gas.

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