How To Ensure If Diamond Engagement Rings Are Genuine

We have all heard of the saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Boasting a striking glimmer that magnifies beauty and chic elegance, a diamond is best associated with luxury and glamour around the world. When people buy diamond rings, it is most likely due to an engagement proposal, a lovely gift for a lovely wife or quite simply, a reward for themselves for a job well done. Although the stunning gleam of diamonds mostly appeals to women, it has also become a common sight in some men.

Another factor to consider is that when the diamond is a larger diamond, the Marquise at times will appear a bit darker at the tips. If buying a larger Marquise diamond, one might consider bumping the color grade up a level, such as choosing a G instead of H color, or F instead of G.

Crisp, clean, cuts are also more costly. The ideal cuts are between 53%-64% of the stone’s girth. The depth of the cut is ideally 58%-64% of the girth. Genuine diamonds have certificates verifying the cut, issued by qualified institutions and appraisers.

Then comes the diamond itself. The cut, the size, the clarity. It is all just so confusing. How can you be sure exactly what is important to look for in a diamond.

Carat – is an element used to compute the mass or weight of valuable and semi-precious stone. The higher the carat, the extra luxurious the diamond will be.

This second consideration should be put in perspective. Most wearers of the prong setting find the ring goes on for years without any problem. It is important to check the ring regularly to make sure the prongs are not damaged and that they continue to do their job.

You should not settle on something that is less. When shopping for the perfect diamond ring, see to it that you know all the necessary considerations in order for you to buy the perfect one. Do not forget to bring along a cellphone stun gun so you will have something to use just in case someone attempts to rob you or the jewelry shop.

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